We are a team of Challengers

When the client is experiencing a problem, even the seemingly unsolvable, we act custom. We find unconventional but effective solutions to difficult problems. . We believe in the motto "There is no way, it will not work" – and there is a method in this passion. That is why our customers say we are the special tasks team.

revenues worked out in 2020
12 partners whom we closely cooperate with
Completed projects
17 Challengers ready for special tasks on board


Spica Solutions Company was established in 2012 year. However, we have been operating on the market for more than 20 years. For both 2018 and 2019, we significantly increased our revenues. We have a highly skilled team, we cooperate closely with suppliers of the most innovative technologies from all over the world. Such a dynamic development is the effect of our strategy Advisory & Technology Challenger.


In what we do, it is important for us to be HONEST and TRANSPARENT – towards our customers and ourselves.

No matter what is happening in the project, we are obliged to mutual RESPECT.

Our RELIABILITY goes hand in hand with COURAGE – because sometimes (or maybe more often) we undertake take risky topics. Or maybe just our customers know that the special tasks team will not give up even where others are have? And yet will approach the topic with the proper ENTHUSIASM.