IT Security

Probably, there is no such dynamics and creativity as cyber criminals have. This fact imposes security experts  the need to search for new ways of defending or even prejuding actions on the part of attackers. In these circumstances, it is necessary to achieve a high efficiency in terms of rational cost and available resources.  This in turn requires an unconventional and innovative approach through the entire software lifecycle, the operation of IT systems in the enterprise, or the interaction with the end customer. We address the security issues in the area of early development, non-production environments building and sensitive data management, automated threat search and data leakage, both in the public Internet and in Darknet. To do this, you need to replace the attack platforms and forensic informatics with the security of the endpoints. All these areas present an innovative approach, often linked to the use of advanced infering and artificial intelligence algorithms.



  • Supporting for threat analysis for one of the largest information portals in Poland
  • Masking and construction of non-productive environments for one of the companies in Poland from the list of TOP 20
  • Masking production logs for one of the leading retail banks in Poland