oneagent ruby monitoringTransfer your best experiences of latest generation monitoring to your Ruby on rails based apps. You don't have to give up the convenience with which Dynatrace is deployed to a monitored system. Benefit from continuous analysis of your system by Davis AI.

We are proud to present our own agent, which is distributed in the form of a GEM package. No additional configuration is required to function. Simple installation using a package manager separates you from collecting detailed information about each individual transaction passing through your system.


oneagent ruby monitoring service flow

Dynatrace is famous for showing transactions that pass through the entire monitored environment. Now applications written in Ruby will become a part of this chain.


oneagent ruby monitoring service flowGain access to transactions from the moment they appear in your application, through controllers, generating views, communicating Redis, web requests, to the database. This is the same level of data that is available in OneAgent for Java, .NET, PHP, GoLang or NodeJS.

oneagent ruby monitoring details




Get the ability to instrument critical pieces of code on your own without having to modify your application. Our agent allows you to indicate the Modules, Classes and Methods to be instrumented.





oneagent ruby monitoring PurePathDoes your app perform background activities using Sidekiq? For us, it's not a problem.  All your jobs will be visible on PurePath. You won't miss any information anymore.

Something went wrong? You will get information about the exception as with any other agent in Dynatrace!


oneagent ruby monitoring exceptions

In addition to the visibility of transactions, it is critical from the point of view of system analysis to collect metrics that indicate to us the proper behavior of the application process. That's why our agent can collect several metrics available inside the application.


Full list of collected metrics:oneagent ruby monitoring metrics

  • onesdk.ruby_compact_count.gauge
  • onesdk.ruby_count.gauge
  • onesdk.ruby_major_gc_count.gauge
  • onesdk.ruby_minor_gc_count.gauge
  • onesdk.ruby_thread_count.gauge
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_allocatable_pages
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_allocated_pages
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_available_slots
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_eden_pages
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_final_slots
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_free_slots
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_live_slots
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_marked_slots
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_sorted_length
  • onesdk.ruby_heap_tomb_pages
  • onesdk.ruby_malloc_increase_bytes
  • onesdk.ruby_malloc_increase_bytes_limit
  • onesdk.ruby_old_objects
  • onesdk.ruby_old_objects_limit
  • onesdk.ruby_oldmalloc_increase_bytes
  • onesdk.ruby_oldmalloc_increase_bytes_limit
  • onesdk.ruby_remembered_wb_unprotected_objects
  • onesdk.ruby_remembered_wb_unprotected_objects_limit
  • onesdk.ruby_total_allocated_objects
  • onesdk.ruby_total_allocated_pages
  • onesdk.ruby_total_allocated_pages
  • onesdk.ruby_total_freed_objects
  • onesdk.ruby_total_freed_pages
  • onesdk.ruby_total_gc_time
  • onesdk.ruby_total_gc_time


Full list of supported technologies:

  • Ruby on Rails 1.9 +
  • Instrumentation of controllers
  • Instrumentation of generating views
  • External communication (WebRequests) with transaction tagging
  • Communication with the database and its detection
  • Capturing headers ( Request and Response)
  • Communication with Redis
  • Sidekiq Instrumentation
  • Ability to instrument code from optional agent configuration
  • Early Access support for Kafka and RabbitMQ requests tracing
  • Collecting thread metrics and Garbage Collector work in Ruby



The document containing the support policy can be found here

The document containing the end user agreement can be found here

Current release notes are available here.

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