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Purpose? Why we do it

The aim of the workshop is to gain the necessary skills to independently analyze problems in the customer's environment using Application Performance Monitoring tools. We help to create a process of analysis, sharing information with other team members (developers, networkers, administrators) to improve the process of solving incidents and, more importantly, preventing them in the future.


For whom? That is, who can take part

Attendees may include application administrators, operator bridge staff, and developers. It is recommended, that the candidate has at least a general knowledge of how information systems work and/or how application code works in technologies running on a client environment. But don't worry, at the first stage of the Academy we do a review and if you need to add to your knowledge, we provide a 2-day training on the basics of using the tool.


How does it work? That is, how long does it last and what does it consist of

Workshops are always held in the client's environment. This is very important to prepare individuals to work in a familiar environment with problems that realistically need to be solved. Meetings are held on a Lecture/Demonstration basis to level up knowledge on a particular topic. The next step is the workshop, where participants, along with the instructor, go through the analysis of the problem, make additional instrumentation or cockpits themselves to illustrate the problem.

In addition, we provide email / instant messenger support outside of the designated workshop hours, so that to clarify pressing issues or doubts with participants as quickly as possible. We recognize that some problems occur regardless of our meeting schedule and cannot wait.

The workshop results in the development of specialized analytical competencies on the part of the client organization. Additionally, during the workshop we solve issues that are currently occurring in the client's application. So the profit is double.


What will you achieve?

  • Ability to effectively use your APM tool for diagnostics, instrumentation and configuration, and license management
  • Ability to quickly analyze and find the cause of problems from both the infrastructure and the application code or database
  • Prepare reports that clearly provide incident information to stakeholders and for organizations to use to resolve issues


Who's Leading?

The workshop is led by experienced engineers, working closely with APM technology vendors, Community Rock Star winners for their contributions to the Dynatrace community, and experts working on some of the largest diagnostic/monitoring projects in the country.

academy of diagnostics


The Academy of Diagnostics, are:

  • verification of competence in the use of the APM tool (basics) and/or
  • A 2-day training on the basics of using the APM tool.

This stage is concluded with an initiation meeting, during which the first 2-3 topics that will be the subject of the first workshop within the Academy are determined. At this meeting, the details of the Client's environment will be determined.



Diagnostics Academy, are workshop meetings that are held on a quarterly basis:

  • In the 1st month of the first quarter, workshops are held 1-2 times per week.

Meeting duration: 2-3h.

  • verification meeting, during which we examine the achieved results and customer satisfaction
  • subsequent meetings are held 1 time per week. Duration of the workshop: 2-3h


The minimum duration of the Diagnostics Academy is 3 months (STAGE I + Q1 WORKSHOPS).
For best results we recommend a 6 month package.
As an option, we also offer one year of customer support through the Diagnostics Academy.

academy of diagnostics

If you would like to know the terms and conditions of participation in the Academy of Diagnostics please contact us:

Daria Grzegorska
Mobile: +48 506 017 132