Monitoring and diagnosis

In an ideal world, monitoring and diagnostics are not needed, but the reality is much more complicated than the developers’ thought of the quality of their software.

Continuous delivery & integration

Automating deployments is the Holy Grail of modern IT. Well implemented can bring huge benefits, provided that it is implemented…. well.

Data Management

Managing data, in particular non-productive ones, is one of those factors that make IT teams less dynamic than they could be because of their hard resources and competencies.

Migration of data to the cloud

Cloud projects are faced with a number of challenges that can effectively deter their implementation, and thus prevent the consumption of benefits.

IT Security

Probably, there is no such dynamics and creativity as cyber criminals have. This fact imposes security experts the need to search for new ways of defending or even prejuding actions on the part of attackers.

Quality management

Quality management in IT is often identified with test processes. These are usually made in a time-deficit during the project crisis. In this context, the quality of the tests is gained along with the quality of the associated diagnostics.


The automation of business processes by means of software robots is a load-bearing theme mainly implemented by several key players on the market, which are most often positioned as clusters of robots running in a server environment.