Monitoring and diagnosis

In an ideal world, monitoring and diagnostics are not needed, but the reality is much more complicated than the developers’ thought of the quality of their software. In production systems, the quality of monitoring and diagnostics is measured at the speed and efficiency of the failure. It has nothing to do with nice charts, but with the quality of data, the possibility of linking them in a cause and effect chain and the application of that knowledge in order to fix an error – developmental, architectural or implementation one. Such effectively implemented projects are the domain of the diagnostic team, whose experience extends from the rescue operations carried out under high pressure of time, until the implementation of diagnostic solutions together with management processes in largest organizations in the country and in the world.


In the field of application monitoring our engineers have worked in the largest banking and financial sector and public administration projects. The aim of this kind of projects is not to implement monitoring as such, but to implement effective monitoring, bringing the value to the development, maintenance and business departments, so we pay attention to the merging of these worlds. Implemented solutions are supervised by the largest IT systems in Poland. The volume of contracts in total exceeded 10 million zlotys.

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