Within the scope of robotization Spica Solutions using innovative platforms created in the country (and also by market leaders) provides comprehensive business process automation services:

  • Selected business processes for automation
  • Process analytics and optimization and robot preparation
  • Automatic generation of test cases using robots
  • Extracting business data from information systems
  • Automation of corporate mail and electronic documents
  • Automation of signing processes, verifying customer contracts
  • Automation of repetitive operations such as document generation, data import, data rewriting, OCR processes, etc.


The services are implemented in cooperation with clients using the mechanisms of recording user's work which results in fast business effects. The implementation of automated processes takes place without the need for a large involvement of employees on the client side. The company's strengths are understanding processes and direct access to software vendors. This enables clients to address real problems for organizations such as:

  • Increasing work efficiency for teams
  • Reducing the number of mistakes made when performing manual work
  • Standardizing and unifying business processes
  • Reduction of costs and the ability to perform work 24/7 without the need to increase the numbers of teams
  • Integration of data from different systems – often already non-expandable, of which the organization does not have sufficient knowledge
  • No need to use highly skilled IT resources to prepare robotization
  • Ability to cover local process by robots that are critical and time-consuming for individual teams, not just for organizations
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by speeding up processes and ensuring adequate service quality
  • Quick implementation - usually from a few to a dozen of days