Within the IT security area, Spica Solutions provides a set of services based on innovative tools proven on the American and European market:

  • Detecting potential threats both internal and external based on deception methodologies
  • Determining potential attack vector and vulnerabilities in client’s systems
  • Gathering and securing the evidence
  • Correlation of paper and electronic documents
  • Providing control over the libraries used by software vendors during the manufacturing process and preventing other libraries from being used than the certified ones by the security team
  • Detecting sensitive data related to customers’ employees in the area of the Internet exposing customers to reputation loss risk


Our services are implemented by the team of engineers with expertise in the field of IT security both in the domestic and foreign markets (USA, UK, European Union).


By combining the functionality of different platforms, our customers primarily minimize the risk of potential attack, loss of reputation and financial loss by addressing the following goals:

  • Verifying the threats of internal and external attack vectors before they occurred
  • Defining and addressing vulnerabilities in systems, IT infrastructure and internal processes
  • Monitoring of (commercial and private) content in the Internet area affecting company reputation loss and exposure to major financial losses
  • Ensuring the security of building IT solutions according to organizational policies and best practices
  • Reducing the cost of creating new products and their significant acceleration
  • Minimizing direct attacks on the company