Within the quality management area, based on own integration of innovative tools, the company provides comprehensive services:

  • Assessment and improvement of IT systems performance
  • Optimization of test processes in the selection of data and test cases covering key business processes
  • User Experience verification and analysis for mobile and internet applications
  • Rejection rate verification and analysis for websites
  • Monitoring, verification, performance satisfaction rate analysis for internet applications by geographic zone, browser and device types
  • Support for HelpDesk processes by quickly recreating a specific user's activities
  • Detecting bottlenecks in IT architecture systems, defining causes and methods to remove them
  • Support for migration processes in data security and systems performance
  • Preparing data to settle service providers with SLA parameters, including all layers of IT architecture
  • Automation of release and deployment processes beginning from development environments through production with full reporting and process auditing
  • Provision of anonymized data for non-production environments

Providing a release process for the model and databases


The services are implemented by the team of Spica Solutions engineers, who based on the project experience, have improved, and created their own integrations Platformam XebiaLabs, Delphix, Waterline Data, Dynatrace, Datical, Spica Masking Guard. The proposed solutions address the real problems of quality, with which the company has met working for its clients – the largest companies in Poland and in the world:

  • Shortening the time of new products delivery to end customers
  • Improving the quality of provided IT systems
  • Minimization of manufacturing costs
  • Automation of processes and improvement of the agility of application development along with security policies
  • Reducing the demand for high-end IT professionals
  • Increasing end customer satisfaction with used application
  • Improving business and support processes
  • Real agile methodology implementation with IT resource allocation