As part of cloud migration services, Spica Solutions takes care of the secure data transport mechanisms for cloud-based environments, regardless of the cloud provider, ensuring the security and full auditability of the process through defined services:

  • Designing and preparing a scalable cloud environment
  • Configuration of the necessary resources in the cloud with the installation of the essential system components
  • Preparing data for migration with virtualization and anonymisation and backups
  • Automation of the process of transferring cloud data with the assurance of process auditability
  • Transfer data to a cloud-based environment
  • Optimizing Resources in a cloud-based environment


These services are implemented by Spica Solutions team, who, based on the project experience, have created their own automated migration process through the integration between XebiaLabs, Delphix and Spica Masking Guard platforms. The proposed solutions address the real problems of data migration, with which the company has faced working for its clients – the largest companies in Poland and in the world.


Thanks to unique experience and a developed migration methodology based on repetitive automated processes supervised by a centralized system for process management, our clients pursue the following goals:

  • Ensuring data security during the migration process to the cloud-based environment
  • Time-optimized data migration process
  • Full automation and auditability of the migration process
  • Migration of sensitive data only in an anonymized form
  • Creating cloud-based backup and test environments
  • Increasing flexibility during manufacturing processes
  • Reducing maintenance costs and full control over costs
  • Ability to build hybrid environments
  • Time-to-Market reduction for new products