Case Study – energetics

Project background:

A large company from the energy industry, distributor of electricity and heat in Poland. The company realizing a number of modern ventures, with developed development department. One of the goals of the company is to meet the needs of customers by building and maintaining electronic communication channels.


The IT environment consists of 10 key strategic business applications, based on SAP, Oracle, MS SQL. All together, there are 13 different instances of production databases with a total capacity of about  40TB. Multi-branch organizational structure, heterogeneous IT environment, highly complex architecture of application, database and network environments.

Business departments expect IT to accelerate ad-hoc changes and shorten strategic project delivery times.

The problem for IT is insufficient resources, whose dedicated time to activities related to the current operation utilizes and  disorganizes the work commissioned by the development departments (providing copies of production environments, their management and monitoring). At the same time, there is a continuous need to provide a new storage space for development environments, a continuous need to issue further copies of databases for development, the delivery of which lasts from 2 days to 3 weeks (ensuring infrastructure, delivery, refreshment, parallel copies).

The challenge is the need to provide a suitable network environment for the purposes of integration tests full of application environments. For saving reasons, the database fragments are provided (so-called „subsetting") to meet the development needs.

In connection with the entry of RODO in May 2018, the company decided that copies of the databases would contained anonymized personal data delivered to development environments (DEV/TEST). The same applies to production logs that contain personal data.