Case Study – Insurance

Project background:

A company from the insurance industry, the leader of direct insurance sales. A company that is realizing a number of modern ventures, for which the time to deliver business applications is paramount. The company's vision is to determine the direction for future insurance.


The IT environment consists of one basic application, being developed by their own development team, and many supporting applications. This causes the tests of new functionalities to be laborious and finding the causes of the errors takes a long time.

Business departments expect IT to accelerate ad-hoc changes and shorten strategic project delivery times. They also expect the system to work more efficiently.


DynaTrace solution was implemented. A very specialized lightweight agent (installed on a machine running Java or .NET application) allows to obtain the type of information as follows:

  • What methods are invoked within the monitored application?
  • What is the time to invoke each method?
  • Where is the application bottleneck?
  • What SQL queries are generated by the Java/.NET application and what is the timing of their performance?
  • Does the application contain any memory leaks that may cause it to stop working suddenly?

The above information provides a very detailed insight into the performance of Java/. NET applications - allowing to identify the application elements (to the level of the method and the SQL query) that do not meet the performance assumptions.